...starting with the journalism industry. Plus, links to inspiring and insightful Hip Hop fueled stories and events.

November 2022

Plus a bunch of cool, innovative Hip Hop news items, interesting events, and, sadly, way too many RIPs

October 2022

How Hip Hop can help strengthen our relationships with our kids + news bites + upcoming events of interest

August 2022

Very cool quickies, and a very long, but necessary, clapback

July 2022

The answer is yes. But we have work to do.

June 2022

School's out, but Hip Hop inspiration, innovation and insight is a year-round thing with these brilliant educators and thought leaders

February 2022

An attack on the attack on Hip Hop + Hip Hop-based education + Hip Hop conference news + breaking in the Olympics + interesting new releases + my…

January 2022

Hip Hop’s past entertained humanity... Its future can help save it.

August 2020

Allow me to re-introduce myself...