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Hi! I’m Manny Faces, an award-winning journalist, podcast professional, public speaker and outspoken advocate for Hip Hop culture — particularly the ways in which authentic, innovative application of that culture can help improve society and uplift humanity in areas including education, science & technology, health & wellness, politics and social justice, business and entrepreneurship, the fine arts, spirituality and more.

In other words, not the gossip, the new releases, the Love & Hip Hop, or top 5 dead or alive stuff. There’s a place for all of that, for sure. But this place is more about Hip Hop as a vast, multifaceted, evolving culture, having way more to offer society than just entertainment, so expect innovative, inspiring and insightful information along those lines.

Generally speaking, posts will include sharing of notable information, links, etc., as well as new episode announcements from several media properties I play a part in creating that revolve around the worlds of Hip Hop, social justice, and journalism — including acclaimed and award-winning podcasts such as the newsletter’s counterpart, Hip Hop Can Save America! (examining ways that Hip Hop music, culture and spirit can… well… help save America!), News Beat (high-level social justice journalism with a splash of Hip Hop), Unf*cking The Republic (informative, entertaining and curseword-laden deep dives into various socio-economic and progressive political issues).

A larger goal for me is to assemble a community of folks from across all walks of life that view Hip Hop as more than merely a genre, more than just entertainment, but who love to hear more about its unique ability to help bring peace, love, and equity to the world.

So if that sounds interesting, I’m your guy, and this is your newsletter.

You can sign up for free, or contribute financially to help support the work. Either way, I appreciate your interest, and I will work very hard to bring you the kind of inspiration that Hip Hop has always delivered to me and countless others across the globe.

Thank you for your time.

-Manny Faces

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Manny Faces is an award-winning journalist and podcaster focusing on Hip Hop culture, social justice, and improving humanity through both.